Recommended Books and Articles

Texas Trace has had many years in the breeding of Boykin Spaniels and we know there is limited information on spaniels and flushing gun dogs especially for Boykins. The recommendations are some of our own writings and some from other sources that we have found very useful. Our hope is that you also find them useful or at least interesting.

The articles are in PDF and simply click to read. The books listed can be located at your favorite online or retail book store.

“The Art of Raising a Puppy” by The Monks of New Skete

NetObjects Web Design PlaceholderTheir philosophy of raising dogs accentuates the essential human-canine bond, whereby owners must learn to understand a dog's instincts, needs, and behavior. Understanding a dog, the monks say, is the key to successful training. Basic puppy training techniques are explored and executed, all of which puppy owners should find easy to implement.

“How to be Your Dog’s Best Friend” by The Monks of New Skete

NetObjects Web Design PlaceholderThis is a training manual for dog owners. The Monks of New Skete advocate that “understanding is the key to communication, compassion, and communion” with your dog.

“Hunting with Spaniels - Training Your Flushing Dog” by Paul Morrison

NetObjects Web Design PlaceholderThis book is easy reading and prepares you on each step of training your spaniel to hunt and to compete in hunt test. It is very informative and provides a progression for learning. The techniques are easy to apply and are specific to a spaniel, flushing dog.

“The 10 Minute Retriever” by John & Amy Dahl

NetObjects Web Design PlaceholderThe 10-Minute Retriever reflects the authors' belief that daily ten-minute training sessions best suit a retriever's attention span and lead to rapid learning. This book is easy to use for the absolute beginner and yet deeply informative for the serious student of retriever training.

“Retriever Puppy Training: The Right Start for Hunting” by Cherylon Loveland & Clarice Rutherford

NetObjects Web Design PlaceholderThis book is directed to owners of retriever puppies in their first year, but the program is equally effective with young retrievers starting beyond that age. It gives your retriever the necessary disciplines and skills he will need to become a reliable hunting companion.

“Hup! Training Flushing Spaniels the American Way” by James B. Spencer

NetObjects Web Design PlaceholderThis book will help with training the flushing, working spaniels. It is clear and informative with a lot of illustrations.


We are proud members of the BSCBAA - The Official AKC Parent Club for the Boykin Spaniels. We follow their Code of Ethics. “The BSCBAA Code of Ethics”

“Puppy Proofing Your Home / Crate Training: A Lesson Re-Learned By a Breeder”
By Greg Copeland

Dog Toys - How They Help Keep Pets Healthy
Dr. Kim Robertson

The Show Ring is The Second Sport by Ginger Hurley

History of the Boykin Spaniel provided by the BSCBAA

Introducing Your New Born to Your Dog

Exercise Induced Collapse Brochure by University of Minniesota

Certain Foods and Household Products can be Dangerous to Dogs by AKC

Plants can be Hazardous to your Dog’s Health by AKC

In Case of an Emergency by AKC 

Tips on Basic Care for your Dog by AKC

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